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Created for the artists, amateurs, outsiders and culture magpies of the world, The Dilettante is a paper and ink feast for curious minds...


Find yourself a good tipple and a peaceful spot in which to recline, and join us on a jaunt through the history of art, adventure, creative thinking and curiosity.


Hilma Af Klint · The Marchesa Casati · Myrioramas · Absinthe · Le Chat Noir · Ornamental Hermits · Bicycles · Creative Conversations · Professor Elemental · Sensible Nonsense ·


Glam Rock · Marlene Dietrich · ‘70s Sci-fi · An Ode to Etiquette · The Enigma of Robert Holcombe · Tombili: the Chill Cat of Istanbul · Creative Conversations · Sensible Nonsense ·

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Leonora Carrington · Ithell Colquhoun · Creative Routines · Patrick Leigh Fermor · Zines · Mrs Chippy, Ship's Cat · Portmeirion · Cocktails · Creative Conversations · Professor Elemental · Sensible Nonsense ·

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