The Dilettante Gazette was first published in February 2014. A single sheet broadside, it was printed monthly and distributed as a free 'pick me up' in the cafes and bars of Nottingham.

Inspired by a varied concoction of DIY publishing including 16th century chapbooks and 20th century zines,  The Gazette presented a medley of local history, creative events, advice, fiction, and sensible nonsense.

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The Dilettante Angel Microbrewery Backsi

We love a good collaboration and a chance to get creative with another brand. The Dilettante Gazette's beautiful backside is a great place to publish independent artwork, promotional posters and bespoke advertorials.


Our approach to advertising is both offbeat and effective. With specially designed spreads that allow our readers to explore the history, culture, and message of your brand whilst also hearing about news, events and special offers. 

If you are interested in working with The Dilettante, please get in touch!