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Miss Onion's Exquisite Finds: Dilettante Edition #1

Miss Onion, a quaintrelle of fine taste and far flung fancies, is a collector of exquisite things. She is a guest writer for The Dilettante Magazine and this feature was originally featured in issue one, which can be found here. Read on to hear some of the gorgeous treasures and finds she has to share...

I am Miss Onion, welcome to my cabinet of curiosities, a universe governed by beauty and leisure.

Like any young mother with a full-time job, my very limited spare time is precious to me. So I use it to seek out beautiful and inspiring gems - works of art, educational and cultural things to watch or listen to, ideas for style, décor and DIY, captivating reads, and more.

Every week, I unearth seven treasures, old and new. I wrap them with a bow and send them out into the world in The Miss Onion newsletter. Sometimes frivolous, always exquisite, these are delicious treats to help escape the mundane and give a sip of inspiration ...Shall we?


Manuscript Books

I prefer my writers dead. That may sound odd, but it’s true. Of course, I love many books by contemporary authors, but I am much more fascinated by someone in the past writing from a time long gone, old stories and images brought to life before my very eyes through pen and ink ...The trouble is, it is difficult to connect with the dead and get insights into their process.

Luckily, you can now buy brilliant printed manuscripts of some of the most famous and beloved books of all time from SP Books. Seeing the scribbles, the words that were cut or underlined, the breaks in the flow of writing, is very special and these private moments are superior to any modern interview with an author on a book tour.


Bejewelled Turbans

They say you’re always one decision away from a totally different life. I like to think I am always one decision away from a fabulous soirée. I need this turban, just in case that party invite arrives and I get the chance to step into a secret world.

There’s nothing I don’t love about Julia Clancey’s Studio 54 infused creations, from the rich colours to the beaded tassel earrings and the oversized brooches! These are statement pieces and show-stopping outfits for inviting a little ritz into your life.


Flower Totes

Give me an object I can absolutely live without, an object which serves no other purpose than its very specific intended one, and I somehow need it. A flower tote is similar to a bookmark – you can use pretty much anything instead and you can’t use it for anything else really - but I want a dozen to match my outfit, my mood, the position of the stars, the flowers themselves and everything in between.

Whimsicality aside, scientific research has shown that fresh flowers and plants have a positive impact on mental wellness, so this bag really is a self-care reminder to buy yourself a bouquet once in a while. You’re welcome!


Wax Sculptures

You could call these candles, or you could call them wax sculptures. I believe they are unintentionally designed for those of the rare breed that likes to buy candles but never really burn them (this is a genuine niche!).

For the rest of us, we can sit and watch the beautiful silhouettes transform as they melt, and perhaps find some hidden metaphor in the process.


Italian Castles

...Now, I know this one is a bit of a stretch, but a few months of budgeting and cutting out avocado toast should do the trick, right?

I read somewhere that being rich takes some getting used to and I am determined to be prepared should riches befall me. I had no idea until recently that I could actually window shop for a big Italian castle or better yet, an estate. (I will warn you - it’s quite addictive). Well, I have perused what is available and I am ready for this daydream to happen. Who knows, we could even become far-flung neighbours?


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