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October inspirations

We’re not going to beat around the bush, there’s a lot of crap out there these days. For all its revolutionary feats, the internet has given us a whole lot of quantity over quality, and amongst all the advertisements, breaking news, and holiday snaps it is sometimes hard to feel inspired.

We would like, if you so wish, for The Dilettante to become your go-to place to exercise your curiosity and reinvigorate your creative juices. Each month in Inspiration Station we will be sharing a selection of art, internet hotspots, movies, books, music and social pages which have inspired us in the past. We hope you find as much delight in the following works as we have, and please, don’t forget to let us know what has inspired you this month in the comments below!

WEBSITE: Brainpickings

Brainpickings Logo | The Dilettante

A woman after our own hearts, Maria Popova's vastly popular website describes itself as 'An inventory of cross-disciplinary interestingness, spanning art, science, design, history, philosophy, and more.' We think that is a rather bloody tempting summary and regularly take Brainpickings with breakfast, like a vitamin tablet or green smoothie for the mind.

From articles such as Nick Cave on AI, Awe, and the Splendor of Our Human Limitations and A Gentle Corrective for the Epidemic of Identity Politics Turning Us on Each Other and on Ourselves, Brain Pickings presents a highly reflective and tender record of humanity expressed through art and ideas.

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SONG: Amanda Palmer - Ukulele Anthem

If you're not aware of Amanda Palmer, its time to do some music history research. Starting her career as living statue The 8ft Bride before forming cabaret punk duo Dresden Dolls, Amanda went on to challenge record industry traditions with her unique aptitude for crowd-funding, all whilst maintaining a DIY punk-rock ethos. Her fantastic TED talk explains the ups and downs of this journey and we highly recommend a watch.

Here she is on top of Sydney Opera house singing the marvellously motivational Ukulele Anthem.


BOOK: Tom Hodgkinson - Business for Bohemians

Business for Bohemians book cover, by Tom Hodgkinson | The Dilettante

In our irksomely commercial society it is just not enough these days to have skill, flair and genius in your creative pursuits. No, to achieve what most consider success you also have to master the charming world of business and self-promotion. While (as we like to imagine in our rose-tinted nostalgia for yesteryear) artists were once financed by wealthy patrons, today us creatives have to work out the intricacies of advertising, marketing and networking for ourselves.

This fabulously instructive tome comes from Tom Hodgkinson, founder of one of our favourite magazines, The Idler. Sharing his successes, failures, and bank figures, Tom will guide you through the world of business, explaining convoluted acronyms, accounting nightmares and arduous business plans.


SOCIAL: Victorians, Vile Victorians

Victorians, Vile Victorians | The Dilettante

Social media can be an utter pain in the behind, but it is one we grudgingly bear for its few benefits. We are strong advocates of filling your follow list with as many light-hearted and interesting pages in an attempt to drown out the more monotonous drivel that is inevitably published. Victorians, Vile Victorians is a gem we stumbled across one day, written by an anonymous bewhiskered figure who refers to themselves affectionately as 'The Blitherer'. Featuring much historical information on fashion, famous figures and pasttimes of the Victorian era, VVV also regularly posts fascinating penny dreadfuls created from antiquated paintings you might not have looked twice at. The result is some riveting escapism for anyone who, like us, enjoys sticking their head in the days of the past.


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I'm being inspired by J. Michael Straczynski's Becoming Superman autobiography (a real roller-coaster of awful life and utter determination) and Gogol Bordello. Who really, almost always inspire me musically.

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