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The Bother Me None Club

Do you find the world irksome? Do the tedious annoyances in your life vex you into moaning like Victor Meldrew? Perhaps you need to take part in the little known, long standing tradition of The Bother-Me-None Club.

Though the exact origins are unknown, The Bother-Me-None Club is a time-honoured pastime in the family of Lady M, and a plaque still stands in the Central Social Club in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire from her father's era as chair.

We decided this was an idea that should be shared with the world, and the premise is incredibly simple to adopt. Simply rally some fine acquaintances together in your favourite public house, drink heartily and follow two simple rules: no bothering anyone and no being bothered by anything. If caught breaking these rules the botherer and botheree must at once purchase a drink for each other and then resume their carefree recreation.

To discern if someone is eligible is to join your Bother-Me-None club is their response to an invitation; those who immediately grumble at the premise should be left at home.


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